Follow the Smoky Mountain ridgeline
from US129 to Walland TN.

The Foothills Parkway (as of early 2018) consists of a 17 mile segment connecting US 129 and US 321 in Tennessee. This scenic drive through US Forest Service lands offers a number of fabulous views of east Tennessee all the way to the Cumberland Mountains some 50 miles to the west and the Great Smoky Mountains just a stones throw to the east.

The route has minimal traffic compared to other Smoky Mountain highways and provides an easy, scenic connection for tourists between the Tail of the Dragon and Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg. The Foothills is included in the Smoky Mountain Loop tour.

Another segment of the Foothills is scheduled to open in late 2018. This 16 mile section will extend the highway to US 321 at Wears Valley bypassing Townsend.

There is a northern section of the Foothills that is 5.6 miles and connects I-40 with Cosby. 

Eventually another planned section of 33.5 miles will connect all of the Foothill Parkway sections.